The Touch Table Lamp Option

Touch Table Lamp IllustrationA touch table lamp, as the name might suggest, is a table lamp that is switched on or off by simply touching its base. The first time you try it, you’re guaranteed to be impressed!

Technically, they work by taking advantage of ‘body capacitance’, which is just a fancy way of saying that when a human touches the base, the electrical properties of the lamp change, and that triggers a switch. But you don’t really need to know that: all you need to know is that they’re incredibly effective.

Available in a wide variety of styles, from metal and classic designs, to plastic and contemporary ones, there’s bound to be something that will appeal to you. Any table lamp style you can imagine is probably available in a touch table lamp version, and indeed, the technology exists to retro-fit touch technology to an existing table lamp too. This versatility means that your table lamp can be chosen to suit your environment.

Easy Light Switch

For anyone who has struggled to find a mechanical switch hidden under a lampshade somewhere, or tried in vain to turn a table lamp on or off in the middle of the night, a touch table lamp is a real bonus. No matter how tired you are, with such a large surface area to use as a switch (and because you only have to barely touch it), it’s easy to use. Some table lamps have a switch near the light bulb too, which can be dangerous for children to use because of the heat. A touch table lamp removes that danger, and makes it the ideal choice for your kids.

3 Setting Dimmer Switch

One of the most common features of a touch table lamp is that most models feature a 3 setting dimmer switch. What that means is that the lamp has more than one brightness setting, so touching it once will light it up with a soft glow, touch it again for a slightly brighter light, and touch it a third time for full brightness. This gives you three moods in one table lamp, and again, this is a great option for children, because it means they can have a little light at night, without being kept awake by the brightness. Touching it once more turns it off again, so it’s very easy to use.

Touch Table Lamp in action

So that’s an introduction to touch table lamps, and the advantages they can offer your home. Hopefully you will consider them as another option the next time you decide to purchase a table lamp!

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