Table Lamps: Lighting to Enhance Your Home

When you think of home improvements, there are obvious choices: new wallpaper, a spot of painting, and maybe some new furniture. But what about something that’s not so disruptive, takes little effort to install, is very affordable, and can make a big impact? With table lamps, lighting becomes decoration, adding an atmosphere that few improvements can match. You’re no longer limited to relying on the glare of fixed lighting fixtures: a table lamp can be placed wherever the lighting is really needed to enhance your home!

During the daytime, the style of your table lamp is important, as it has to stand on its own merits. Luckily, in terms of style, the sky’s the limit. From art deco to mission style table lamps, novelty table lamps to contemporary models with fiber optics, there’s something to suit every taste, with many of the styles serving as attractive centrepieces that are sure to impress.

At night, or even in dark corners of you home, most people love table lamps lighting their rooms in ways standard lights simply can’t. Think of soft lighting where it’s needed to add an atmosphere that can’t be achieved in any other way, leaving distracting areas of clutter in semi-darkness. Romantic settings, relaxing lighting, ambient mood… what other home improvement offers that?

Which raises another important point: sometimes the lighting is secondary to the decorative effect. For example, fibre optic table lamps may not be suitable for lighting in a practical sense, but they sure add personality to a room!

That’s not to say that table lamps are impractical luxuries: quite the opposite! For example, if a small amount of lighting is all that’s required, then a table lamp will often save on your electricity bills. For parents, they can help with young children who are afraid of the dark, without being so bright that they keep their kids awake. And the focus they bring to just one area of a room can make working and studying a far more pleasurable experience.

So before you look at expensive renovations in these cash-strapped times, look at an easy way of enhancing your home with table lamps lighting the way!

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