3 Reasons Why Table Lamps Lighting Makes a House a Home

Image of a table lamp

So you’ve moved in to your new home. It’s an exciting time, no doubt, stressful too, but full of possibilities! Most people are excited about what their new home will look like when they’ve finished painting, wallpapering, and adding furniture.

But when you’ve done all that, perhaps there’s still something missing. You look around, and notice that maybe the lighting isn’t as good as it should be. Perhaps there’s nothing wrong with it, and it’s all very practical, but that’s about all you can say about it. You can see what you’re doing, but when you sit down to watch TV at night, or relax over a meal, there’s a subtlety that’s missing. Turn the lights on, and you can see all the clutter in the room in perfect detail, and it’s hard to relax. Turn them off, and the TV becomes too glaring. It’s time for the simplest of finishing touches, brought to you with table lamps lighting.

1. Better light

‘Better’ is such a subjective term, and maybe it’s not the right word. After all, if you’re cleaning at night, or doing some decorating, then yes, practical standard lighting is probably a ‘better’ light. But when it comes to actually living in your home, nothing beats a table lamp. It’s not bright enough to show up every corner of the room, it’s extremely flattering, and it makes a nice backdrop for watching TV. Oh, and if you’re out of candles, it makes a great romantic substitute for those special meals, when you really need to impress!

2. Centerpiece lighting

Sometimes you may have a beautiful Tiffany light that you want to act as a centerpiece in itself, with its wonderful array of colors providing a focus to any room. Or perhaps you have a special painting or feature wall that you want to be noticed when guests enter your home, so you place a table lamp nearby to provide some accent lighting. Best of all, you don’t have to decide straight away where you want it to go, unlike most light fittings. If its new home isn’t working out, just plug it out and move it somewhere else. What could be simpler!

3. Bedside lighting

This is one of the most common homely touches you can make, and it’s what table lamps were made for! Imagine you wanted to read in bed, but your partner needed to sleep because they had to make an early start the following day. What are you going to do, turn on the main light? No, a bedside table lamp is the perfect answer, providing a reading light for you, and a relaxing soft glow that anybody can sleep through. And let’s not forget about young children who may be afraid of the dark. A soft table lamp lighting their room will help them get off to sleep peacefully.

Do you have any other reasons why table lamps lighting can make a house a home? Let’s hear about them! Leave your thoughts in the comments below; we’d love to hear from you!

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