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Cheap Table Lamps IllustrationWhen you think of traditional table lamps, there is something beautiful about the thought of buying a piece of furniture that acts as a focal point in your room. Crystal table lamps and Tiffany lights are great examples of this, where the table lamp itself begs for attention. They are truly wonderful to look at, and even a humble mission lamp, hand crafted in the old ways, has a certain rustic charm to it.

An ornate table lamp, or even a hand-crafted simple one, is bound to cost a little extra (sometimes a lot extra!), and that can put some people off looking at any table lamp for their home. But take a step back and relax.

Table lamps lighting is quite simple really: usually just a light fixture, a bulb, a shade, and something to hold it all together. Can they be made cheaper than the classic models? Of course they can!

A Tiffany light stuns people with its intricate craftsmanship, the attention to detail in its fine stained glass pieces. The lamp shade, for want of a better term, is clearly an exquisite item to behold. But you don’t need that level of detail if you’re just looking for some subtle lighting to add a warm atmosphere to your home. A simple fabric, plastic or paper lamp shade can be very effective for this purpose.

The light fixtures themselves are standard enough, and light bulbs can be purchased economically for just about any effect. So that just leaves the body of the table lamp itself. A high end, hand crafted mission lamp takes time and attention to make, and the cost may reflect that. Likewise, some lamps may be machine made, but use expensive materials. Modern table lamps, however, can be molded from just about any standard material, and can be mass produced very inexpensively.

So if you’re about to buy your very first table lamp, and you’re on a limited budget, don’t worry. A modern table lamp, mass produced, will fit into just about any home. Go for a simple design so that the lamp itself blends in almost unnoticed, while the lighting gives you the effect you want!

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